1. What is this
2. Usage
3. Requirements & Installation
Credits, support, donation, license, etc.

1. What is this
This is a very simple interface to the rar binary. And RAR is a popular compression format in the PC-side-of-the-life. Keep in mind that the RAR format won't support OSX-specific flags (ie, resource fork). For advanced options, use the rar binary in CLI mode itself, or look for other interfaces.

2. Usage
Use the Preferences window to adjust some settings (password if needed, segments if needed, etc.) and then drop onto Rarify's icon your file(s)/folder(s) in order to compress them.

3. Requirements & Installation
Rarify will run under OS X 10.4 and 10.5, both Intel and PPC architectures.
1. Drop Rarify onto your favorite location.
Due to licensing issues, I prefer you install the rar binary manually yourself (so you can read its readme, read its license, purchase a copy or whatever you wish).
2. Install if needed the rar binary. To do so:
-Go to http://www.rarlabs.com/ downloads section.
-Choose your favorite download (usually, the newer version of the rar binary for OS X) and download it.
-Make a new Finder window ("Apple + N"). Type "Apple + Shift + G". Type "/usr/local/bin".
-Now, copy the unpacked "rar" binary file onto the "/usr/local/bin" window. Authenticate as administrator if needed.
If you prefer not doing such a thing (!), you can copy as well the rar binary to the following destination (instead of "/usr/bin" or "/usr/local/bin"):
3. You can instead use the "Update RAR binary..." menu item under the application menu and these steps will be done automagically by Rarify.

4. Credits, support, donation, license, etc.
"Rarify" by Pescados Software, 2007-2008.
License: freeware, use at your own risk, etc.
Source-code available: no. Too simple to be worth the effort.
Donations: click the Paypal button on the left side.
Support: no support, but comments are welcome. You can find my email adress clicking the Paypal button (for free ;-) on the left side.

Rarify v. 0.8.1, November 23, 2008
-Restored 10.4 support (sorry!).

Rarify v. 0.8, November 22, 2008
-Fixed silly bug associated to the "Quit after done" preference.
-Added "Don't beep after done" preference.
-Spanish localization.
-Added preference to include extra flags when calling the RAR binary.

Rarify v. 0.7, July 11, 2008
-Interface revamped.
-Added support for volumes (rar segments).
-More options for output rar file destination.
-Added option to quit-after-done.
-Updated for Leopard.
-Added menu item to auto-update the RAR binary.

Rarify v. 0.6, March 8, 2007
-Private release.

Rarify v. 0.5, February 28, 2007
-First public release.